TANGO LAN Party, March 2001

Mrs. Leg, Crazy Leg, Destiny, Gambit, Rogue

Mountain King, CL, IceDragon, Neckhole

MK, Mrs. Leg, CL

MK, Neckhole, ITIMan

Tale of two "Ice"s. Putz and Dragon.

CrazyLeg bullies the youngest LAN attendee, Firebird, during setup. 911 guys facing us at front right.

More setup hassles for all, including the 911 again.

The esteemed Ripley and CrazyLeg.

Iceman, Rooster, and CL. Hammer is in back.

IceDragon looks on bleakly as the 911 auction off his only LAN cable.

ITIMan hides behind Neckhole.

IceDragon does a mic check.

Ripley frags again.

IceDragon and Hammer discuss the possibilities of opening a new pizza chain.

LoS attendees: Mountain King, Ripley, Neckhole, JuanValdez, Icedragon, and LOOK AT THE CAMERA, CRAZY LEG!!

That's better!

The pristine 10-lb. CRUNCH bar.

The naked CRUNCH bar.

CRUNCH bar, 15 minutes later. (Hey, there were over 120 peeps there!)

All pics courtesy of XMEN Porsche and his Mavica.