Gambit, Iceputz, Hammer, and the 911 boys More of the 911 guys. Ambush Bug swats another Redhat. Asha and MEDIC!!!
Asha'man TKed by Drinks! The group at play Computers for sale! Destiny (on quaaludes) and Drinks.
Destiny, Drinks and the gang. Destiny is cleaning up the bad guys in the training missions Drinks watches the r33t Neckhole in amazement Gambit and ITIMAN with one of the 911 guys
Iceputz Gambit and Neckhole discussing what a dweeb Capt AGL is. Neckhole and Iceman Some can only watch in awe.
The other half of the room Scorch: "I'd rather be playing Starcraft." Setting up. Setup night - guess where Porsche sits.
SlugBug (Porsche's son) SpinningHat enjoying solitaire with a sub-10 ping! T2 and RudeJelly T-bone
And, by popular request, a
movie of Drinks2no.enD!
Asha with MEDIC!!! in the background