Pics of the facility for the October XMEN LAN party:

Primary room. Very long; tough to tell from pic.

Room #2, down the hall. Kitchen is between these two.

More room #2. (Ignore the Gambit on the right...)

Sink area of room #2. Elmo is a bonus!

Kitchen area. Refrigerators behind and to the left. We don't know if we'll be allowed to use the kitchen just yet, and forget about the juice machine - off limits, period. (There are Frutopia and Coke machines in the building.)

  • NO ALCOHOL ALLOWED ON THE PREMISIS. Smoking outside only, and please use the ashtrays provided.

  • An Albertson's grocery is across the intersection. Radio Shack about five minutes away, across the intersection. Fry's Electronics superstore is maybe ten minutes away.

  • We are bringing tables and folding chairs. You may want to bring a pillow or cushion for the chairs.

  • There are other rooms; one of which we will be able to snooze in.

  • No showers in the building, but several of us live close by. Restroom facilities are adult-usable, not kiddie-sized, though a little low.

  • Bring some snackage (chips, snacks, drinks), or a few extra bucks for a run to the grocery. Door fee goes for bratwurst, burgers, brisket, etc.